Is this life all there is, or is there something waiting for us when we depart this world? This is a question that most people ask at some point in there life. What happens? Does death hurt? Will we see our loved ones again?  Is there really a place called Heaven?  What about our pets?

Fly Fly Away

My Trip Through the Afterlife

Ron Silverthorn

During recovery from major surgery, and a near death encounter, I was taken on a journey through the afterlife and I was allowed to return. I met many people and I saw a great many things. I was given messages to relay and I was told what it takes to reserve your place in Heaven. Fly Fly Away: My Trip Through the Afterlife, is the story of my journey, as well as guidebook to the afterlife. Everything you need to know to make sure you end up in paradise is included within this book.

I am no one special. I am not a psychic or a mystic or anything of the sort. I am simply a drummer whose eyes have been opened to the many wonders of Heaven.  It is a real place and everyone is invited. It is a place full of Love and kindness, without hate. It is beautiful beyond belief and there is room for everyone. There are requirements however, and unfortunately for some, they will not make the journey.

If you want to know how to get to Heaven, then this book is a must read. All you need to know to get to paradise in right here. The messages in this book are not mine. I did not make them up. They were given to me from spiritual beings on the other side, and I am obligated to share them with as many people as possible. I am not saying that if you don't buy my book you will not go to Heaven, I am simply offering an insight into what it takes to get there. My goal is to help as many as I can, and in the process, maybe help this increasingly hateful world change course and start heading in the right direction toward peace and goodness.

                                                                   - Ron Silverthorn

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